ACH Helmet w/NV Mount


We have a FEW of the NEW ACH helmets WITH the NV mount - see the other listing for just the ACH helmet. VERY hard to find. WITH Night Vision "Rhino Mount", the perfect platform for your PVS14. You can pay $410 for JUST the helmet from other places.... ACT QUICK on this!

VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES. IF YOU WAIT AROUND YOU'LL MISS THEM. Level IIIA Ballistic protection for your noggin and the perfect platform to mount your PVS14 to via a base plate that screws in the front of the helmet and a flip up/flip down "Rhino" mount. Using one of JRH's PVS14's in this sort of configuration will make the PVS14 turn off when Flipped UP for added battery life and tactical considerations. THIS item includes the ACH Helmet AND the Rhino Mount and base plate. We got the last of these NV mounts at an awesome price, there are no more at this price, hence this will likely be the last time we can offer this combo at this price!

More comfortable than the old school Kevlar helmet. New style suspension set and velcro padding allows you to customize fit.


$17. Priority mail ship

Like ALL of our products, absolutely nothing shipped outside the United States. Please don't ask us to ship outside the U.S. - we won't do it.

ACH Helmet w/NV Mount
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