PVS14 Helmet Mount

Fits ACH Helmets
• Mil-Spec

The helmet mount allows you to attach the unit directly to the ACH family of helmets with the hole pre-drilled. The helmet mount not only incorporates standard adjustments, it also has a flip-up/flip-down capability that allows the user to move the night vision system up and out of the way of the face.

This mount works with PVS-7, PVS-14, 6015 and can be adapted to work with various other NV devices.

WE GOT A HECK OF A DEAL ON THESE SLIGHTLY USED  GOOD TO V. Good CONDITION HELMET MOUNT SETS AND ARE PASSING THEM ON TO YOU. Some may be painted, some will have scratches, some may need some oil, ALL will be fully functioning. If you want a great deal, this is for you. If you want a flawless one, pay $225. for a new one. Big boy rules apply here.

The sets in this listing come with the single hole base plate that screws into the front of your ACH or MICH style helmet and any helmet with a single hole attachment set up. The Rhino mount clips into that and the J arm from your PVS14 clips into the Rhino Mount.


PVS14 Helmet Mount
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