About Us

We are a REAL company, not one of these "virtual businesses" that have cropped up in the last few years. JRH Enterprises was started in November of 1992 and has shipped tens of thousands of orders in our 21+ years of business. Check your old American Survival Guides in 1993 and in 1995 when we BEGAN advertising in there. A lot of companies CLAIM they have been around for 18 or so years, but no one heard of them back then... If your really bored, or have insomnia problems- click here (ADD LINK) to read more of our history. What makes us different from the literally hundreds of companies on the web now? 1. We've been around longer. That's not just a saying, it can be proven by looking at our old advertising in magazines like American Survival Guide (advertiser from 1995 till magazine closed in 2001.) We saw a lot of new companies pop up since 9/11/01. Much like the "johnny come lately" companies that popped up in 1998 and 1999 to serve the Y2K scare, these "companies" (read: some knucklehead with a website), these new companies will blow away like the wind over time. This is already happening again with the whole "2012" deal. Be careful who you spend your money with, especially in this economy! 2. We give back to the Preparedness and Patriot Community. By sponsoring shortwave radio programming (The Survival Report on shortwave, The Intelligence Report, others). By sponsoring training seminars such as Survival Medicine class and NBC protection classes. By sponsoring SurvivalandPreparedness.com as well as excellent blogs like Survivalblog.com By participating and sponsoring various Preparedness message boards and other events. By continuing to give out FREE INFORMATION on survival and homesteading topics at sites like Homesteadingandsurvival.com www.survivalreport.net by speaking for FREE at various Preparedness seminars around the Southeast and offering free training at public campouts, offering free consulting services over the phone, etc. 3. We are a REAL company! Notice some of these online stores don't even list a phone number! Anyone with some webspace can be "in business" on the web today, most are not real companies. JRH is a REAL company with a broad and unique history of satisfying customers just like you! And our phone numbers are (912) 379.9441 or (912) 375.1480 You'll get "no BS" as one customer called it, from JRH Enterprises. We are NOT going to tell you tall tales to make a sale as many do now a days to make a sale. We own three businesses and are not 100% dependent on the sales from any 1 business. This helps us to NOT compromise our ethics because of the need to make a sale. In December of 2013 we will start our 22ND REAL YEAR in business. No skeletons in our closet at JRH! 4. We practice what we preach. For real, not just the usual "we test all our products thoroughly" salesspeak BS. The same companies that usually talk that trash are the ones that are usually selling JUNK like the Chinese "Dynamo" crank radios, "pumper" flashlights, etc. Here at JRH, we COULD have thousands of products listed, but we don't cause a lot of the products out there ARE CRAP, plain and simple. We know how to use our products because we own and use 95% of the products listed. We currently live off the grid, heat our home with wood, homeschool, grow a good portion of our own food, regularly attend various training schools and camp and hike regularly. Unlike 99% of the preparedness companies out there and most of the "survival expert" authors we are actually living what we preach. 5. We offer FREE consultation services. Just CALL up and we will be glad to help you with any preparedness and survival information. Free consultations are on a "as time permits" basis and only available over the phone (sorry, I don't have time to write lengthy reply letters). 6. We are a Family based business. 7. We appreciate your business Thanks for your business! JRH