British MKIV Protective Suits

New in factory sealed wrap. These are the Mark IV suits, new issue.

The older style "Mark III" suits had the "anorak" type jacket- like a sweater. Impossible to get out of safely- just like a sweater, you would have to pull the old style Mark III jacket off over your head, potentially dropping liquid contamination on you. The British government literally dumped the Mark III suits in favor of this newer issue Mark IV suit which features a ZIP UP jacket.

Another valuable feature of the Mark IV suit is the BUILT IN HOOD that pulls up and over your gas mask. Perfect for use with masks that have no hood like the Israeli masks, British S10's and Micronell M95 masks. If you own one of these types of masks, THIS is the suit you want to get. In the neat Woodland DPM pattern camoflage.

New and sealed in the wrap. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Shipping $12.00 in the lower 48 ONLY AVAILABLE IN SIZE MEDIUM. 9/20/14 supplies extremely limited as people stock up on EBOLA preps. During a CRISIS situation, AVAILABILITY changes hourly -it's important to CALL TO ORDER 912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480

British MKIV Protective Suits
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