PVS14 3rd Gen Pinnacle Autogated On Sale

  Questions? Call us here at JRH Enterprises 912.375.1480 or 912.379.9441 Brand new Night Vision Depot PVS14 P- with a 10 YEAR warranty! A REAL ITT/Exelis Pinnacle Autogated unit with a REAL 10 year warranty! Retails at $3499. GET YOURS FOR MUCH LESS HERE AT JRH!


Now with unprecedented 10 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY! A real 10 year warranty from the manufacturer! Best in the industry! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!

3rd Generation + Pinnacle Autogated ITT Tube Direct from a well known Manufacturer- Night Vision Depot. See also the PVS14P+ "Upgraded" model for a unit with higher specification.

 BOTTOM LINE- Better unit, better price, FAST delivery from a company with 22 REAL years in business!

The Standard model of the PVS14 ships with all the accessories listed below! PVS-14 system comes with soft case, head mount, head mount adapter, operators manual, batteries, lens paper, demist shield, sacrificial window, and ITT tube data record.

Unit can be head mounted, helmet mounted, mounted on a WEAPON or handheld! Very versatile unit.


Quality night vision can mean the difference between winning or losing the battle, over seeing someone waiting in ambush for you or not. Quality night vision allows you to make a safer bug out AT NIGHT. The folks that really take survival seriously understand that night vision is more than just another "toy."

  • SHIPS QUICK! 99% of all Visa/MasterCard orders received before 10 am ship SAME BUSINESS DAY received. Why wait 3-4 weeks for empty promises on shoddy units from my competitor??
  • Can be used as hand-held unit, weapon sight, helmet or head mounted. Uses 1 "AA" batteries. TEN year warranty. Buy with confidence!
  • This is the real deal, PINNACLE AUTOGATED UNIT with THE REAL DEAL ITT TUBE, not the knockoff tube like my competitor sells!
  • Manual gain control
  • Optional- NOT ALWAYS ON- IR illuminator, unit does NOT require it for use however.
  • TEN YEAR WARRANTY! All ITT/Exelis, no cobbled together Russian crap or non-ITT tubes. All mil spec parts means good logistics 20-30 years into the future. These are FACTORY NEW units from NIGHT VISION DEPOT with a 10 year warranty! /li>
  • ALL U.S. factory built! None of this cobbled together garage built crap. Manufactured by Night Vision Depot, an ITT leader with 30 years in the industry . PVS-14 system comes with soft case, head mount, head mount adapter, operators manual, batteries, lens paper, demist shield, sacrificial window, and ITT tube data record.
  • Optional Accessories available- Helmet mount, weapons mount, 3X magnifier, Night Vision compass.

All our manufactured PVS-14s use a brand new battery housing that will cut off power to the PVS-14 when the unit is flipped up in a  helmet mount. It will turn back on once the unit is flipped back down into viewing position.

You can believe the hype and Bravo Sierra my competitor is known for.... Or you can listen to what some of the EXPERTS in the preparedness realm say about PVS14's from JRH Enterprises-

**Who buys their PVS14s from JRH? Guys like Jim Rawles of SURVIVALBLOG, author of the book "Patriots surviving the coming collapse" , SouthernPrepper1 (David) of Youtube and Doomsday Preppers fame, Engineer775 (Scott) from PRACTICAL PREPPERS Consultants for the TV Show DOOMSDAY PREPPERS, FRUGAL SQUIRREL, Dave from the Prepper Project along with hundreds of satisfied customers every year. Are you a fan of the show "Doomsday Preppers?" The PVS14 Night vision device used in the episode wherein the consultants "tested" the security of the client's retreat was a JRH Enterprises PVS14! BUY WHERE THE PROFESSIONALS BUY!

**James Rawles, editor of "SurvivalBlog.com" had this to say about these units on 11/25/09 "I should mention that I personally purchased one of these units from JRH, and I love it. It is very versatile, since it can be used as a weapon sight (lined up behind a Aimpoint Comp M3), or with the flip of a throw lever be used hand-held, and then with the provided head mount it can be used as a hands-free monocular. The quick detach and consistent return to zero feature has turned my dedicated night-fighting rifle into a true day/night rifle. This is the Hotel Sierra set-up!"

What are other customers saying about these units?

  • "Hi Robert; PVS14s arrived on time and they're *BEAUTIFUL*, without a flaw in either of them...*THANK YOU SO MUCH* -RM in CA.
  • "I bought a unit from your competitor and one from you. Your standard model was better than their top of the line unit!" - AJ in LA **

See a JRH PVS14 STANDARD version in use


See a video review by one of the top names in the Prepper movement

In the Southeast? See and test any of our PVS14s in person. Call for a "test drive" or see us at any of the number of Preparedness shows we speak and exhibit at in the Southeast. Of course we cannot ship these outside the United States. Shipping $50.00 Shipped right from the factory to you, allow 1 week for Visa/MasterCard orders, PayPal and Discover adds to the processing time. Ship to billing address only. Sale prices cannot be combined with any other offers and are for Visa/Mastercard. Once again, No paypal for sale priced units. BUY IT NOW before the price increase! BE SURE, you check your email and respond to the "Order" email , we may require further info to verify your order. For TRAINING in use of your Night Vision, we highly suggest Max Velocity Tactical's Night Optical Device Firing Class

PVS14 3rd Gen Pinnacle Autogated On Sale
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