CNVD-T Clip-On Thermal Imager


Insight Technology CNVD-T clip on night vision device- THERMAL, is a weapons mounted thermal weapon sight. Able to see through rain, smoke, light snow and low light to total darkness conditions.

A built-in magnification of up to 2X digital zoom allows detection of a man-sized target out to 600 meters. Weighing only 21oz. including batteries, and a reticle inside, makes this system ideal for quick deployment in the detection, recognition, and identification of potential suspects. All units include:

  • soft carry case
  • 123 batteries (2)
  • operator's manual
  • operator's card
  • optical lens cleaner solution
  • lens brush
  • lens paper
  • demist shield
  • video output cables
  • shuttered eyeguard
  • light shroud


  • Functions in sunlight or total darkness
  • Penetrates most weather conditions
  • White hot or black hot
  • Target detection up to 600 meters
  • Powerful, compact and portable

We sell these well under the retail price of $20,000.

Price $18,995

CNVD-T Clip-On Thermal Imager
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