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In 1992 I started JRH Enterprises...In a very short period of time our sales grew and product line expanded. In all this we strove to never compromise - never compromise on your security and never compromise our ethics. 26 years later those remain the dominant characteristics of JRH Enterprises...More
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By now I'm sure even Rip Van Winkle has gotten the message. The S has hit the fan in America. Last minute mass preparing is in full effect. Important Tips on last minute ordering- CALL. Yes you may have to be on hold briefly as the phones are...

  • Price: $0.01

WTM Thermal Imaging Weapons Sight

WTM Thermal Imaging Weapons Sight

Thermal imaging weapons sight

  • Price: $10,995.00

November 2-3 2019 "Armed Movement" class, SETG range, Alma, GA

November 2-3 "Armed Movement"- This two day class focuses on both controlled and dynamic movement utilizing a pistol in a fight as well as working on one handed shooting to help with dynamic movement. Includes a section on movement and fighting...

  • Price: $250.00

Steiner Military Marine 10X50 Binoculars 2035

Steiner Military Marine 10X50 Binoculars 2035

The Steiner mm1050 10x50 Military Marine Binocular is desgined for just about anything you can throw at it. A fully mil-spec Makralon chassis with hand glued prisms. The Steiner model 210 offers a wide field of view combined with over 96% light...

  • Price: $539.99