2022 Ordering Night vision

4/21/22, Updated 6/6/22

6/6/22 update- PVS14 WP3 HIGH GRADE 2200 FOM models in stock- move quick on in stock units!!!


The 2 1/2 year long buying rush in Night Vision continues. This did not just start last week. Lead times have gotten much better this year but tube shortages remain an issues and lead times for tubes are still high.


The first couple months of the year we regularly had PVS14 3rd gen units in stock that were shipping out to customers the same day they ordered. As of Monday the 18th we are sold out and are back to taking pre-orders on units.

 "Why does night vision have lead times?"



The ONLY PVS14 we will take pre-orders on is the PVS14 WP3 HIGH GRADE model as it is the only units we receive regularly (monthly shipments). ALL other models will have extremely long lead times at this late stage in the game. If you want the shortest wait time, put in a pre-order for a PVS14 WP3 HIGH GRADE model and currently (4/21/22) lead times for that model are 4-8 weeks which is SIGNIFICANTLY SHORTER than the normal 20 week lead time for night vision.

Updated 6/6/22- PVS14 WP3 HIGH GRADE 2200 FOM units IN STOCK- move quick on these!


Our "Available now PVS14s" are sold on an in stock basis only, when they are marked out of stock it's because we don't have any. I would highly advise joining the email list (top of every page of the website) and be ready to jump on them when more "Available now" units are available. Go to the forums below, have your "research" done and be ready to jump on them when they pop up again.


Supply chain disruptions remain a problem and tubes are going up in price drastically over the next six months. Lead times have always been a thing with night vision- many just now new to night vision don't realize that, but that's always been the case.


We continue to update our Night Vision forum at


 Answers are there to common questions customers call with. Be sure to go there to get educated on night vision and join the discussion!

We continue to work very long hours usually 7 days a week to try to keep things flowing, have patience with us when you call, it has been extremely busy  for 2 1/2 years now.


Robert Henry


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