BNVD conversion from two PVS14

Do you have two PVS14s? Do you want them PROFESSIONALLY converted in a dual tube set? We now offer professional factory conversions of two PVS14's into a dual tube BNVD setup.


This is not somehow diy homebrew garage built BS involving a cheap 'bridge"- these are professional factory conversions of your two PVS14's into a BNVD setup. The finished product will be of professional quality with a high resale value. To be clear- you send in your two PVS14's that are close matching in specs and they are professionally converted to a new BNVD setup. This is NOT a do it yourself kit!!!


You will need two PVS14s that have closely matching tube specs (check your data sheets or call with your serial numbers of units you bought from us for help). Then pick the conversion type you want to do. Below is the entire list. This listing is for the standard BNVD conversion. Remember, this requires that you send in TWO PVS14 devices! If you do not have two PVS14's to get modified do not use this listing. 


Pick the conversion you want and call us at 912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480


To convert two PVS-14s into a standard weight 585 gram BNVD suggested retail is $2800+.
To convert two 14s into the 475 gram UL-BNVD-SG  suggested retail $3800
To convert two 14s into the 435 gram MINI BNVD-SG, AA housing  suggested retail is $4100.
To convert two 14s into the 415 gram MINI BNVD-SG, AAA housing suggested retail is $4550.

BNVD conversion from two PVS14
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