Basic Year Supply I

A Basic One Year supply for 1 person. Contains the following:

  • 315 lbs. Hard Red Winter Wheat packed in 7 SUPERPAILS
  • 88 lbs. Long Grain White Rice packed in 2 SUPERPAILS
  • 43 lbs. Lentils packed in 1 SUPERPAIL. Pintos can be substituted.
  • 50 lbs. Salt. Many, many uses - packed in 1 SUPERPAIL
  • 45 lbs. Sugar. Many uses - packed in 1 SUPERPAIL
  • (6) #10 Cans Dehydrated Milk

An excellent Basic supply for those just starting out. Also works great as an "add on" to "bulk up" your current food storage. Newly re-designed and introductory priced very low! All grains are going up in price, buy now before price increases!

Food is packed and shipped fresh from the factory. Shipping you pay is the actual shipping cost from the factory and figured from the factory. Allow 2-3 weeks for factory fresh food during normal times.

Basic Year Supply I
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