COTI Night Vision/Thermal Imaging Fusion Unit


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Make your Night vision device a FUSION set up with a CLIP ON THERMAL IMAGER- COTI device. -Damn that blew up fast!! LAST SIX 11:40AM 11/29 MOVE QUICK

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Clip on Thermal imager


The  Clip-on Thermal Imager (COTI) is a revolutionary miniaturized infrared thermal device which has the ability to convert almost any ordinary night vision device into a FUSION type system. FUSION systems combine the best aspects of thermal imaging with the best aspects of normal image intensified (I2) night vision devices into one system.

How does it work? When the COTI is clipped onto the I2 system it projects a thermal image into the objective lens of the I2 system, which them combines both images into one clean image. Looking through a night vision device the thermal image will be fused with the I2, thereby supplying the operator with the thermal heat detection capability of a thermal imager combined with the friend-or-foe identification and enchanced navigation capabilities of an I2 device.

The COTI is mounted onto most I2 devices using the supplied clamp, which simply slides over and clamps onto the objective focus lock ring of an existing night vision unit. Once clamped on, the COTI does not interfere with the normal objective focus range adjustment adjust of the NV device.

The COTI is able to detect heat signals at up to 500 meters even with no natural light, and it can provide images through dense fog and smoke. The COTI is also a MIL SPEC device which is waterproof up to 20 meters (66 feet).

The COTI has multiple modes of use. These include full thermal mode, a patrol mode, and an outline mode. All modes are easily selectable using the convenient user friendly menu.

Used with the optional eyepiece the COTI becomes a miniaturized standalone handheld long wave thermal imaging device. Power to the COTI is supplied by either an internal CR123A battery or an optional helmet mounted AA battery pack.

The COTI can be adapted to work in conjunction with the following night vision systems:

  • PVS14
  • PVS7B/D
  • PVS 15A/C
  • PVS 18
  • PVS 23
  • F5050
  • UNS-SR
  • PVS24

as well as many other systems. If your system is not listed please call to verify adaptability.



Can be clipped onto your existing NVD or be used as a stand alone thermal imaging device with optional accessory. All units include: mounting bracket, CR123A batteries, lens cleaner, storage pouch, operator's manual and quick guide.

  • Polarity - white hot/black hot
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Weight of just 150 grams w/battery
  • Size of 5.5"L x 1.5"W by 3"H
  • Thermal range of 500 meters

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COTI Night Vision/Thermal Imaging Fusion Unit
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