EXO Plate carrier- Large/XL

The Condor EXO Plate Carrier is designed to carry both soft armor and plates. It will accept SPEAR/BALC cut soft armor, front and back plates, and ballistic panels on the sides. The XPC also features mesh padding for airflow, padded shoulders for added comfort, and functional built-in pockets.

This listing is for the LARGE/XL version in your choice of Tan, OD or black




Specifications - Heavyweight webbing over the entire vest for modular attachments
- Internal sleeves for both soft armor and plate front and back
- Adjustable/detachable cummerbund with pockets for soft armor
- Emergency drag handle
- Lightly padded mesh interior for comfort and airflow
- Adjustable in girth and height
- Detachable shoulder pads, with loop guide for radio or hydration tube
- One front map pocket with snap, hook & loop closure
- One back auxiliary pocket with hook & loop closure
- Hook & Loop area in front and back
- Designed in USA, Imported
Size S/M - accepts Medium BALC/SPEAR cut soft armor,and plates up to 10" x 12 1/2" 
L/XL - accepts Large BALC/SPEAR cut soft armor, and plates up to 10 1/2" x 13 1/2"
Color Olive Drab, Black, Tan
Notifications (Ballistic plate and soft armor are not included)



 A NOTE ON BLACK GEAR- we recommend AGAINST solid black gear. While some may think it looks tacti-cool it will stand out in the field both during the day AND at night. While some items are only available in black, it's highly recommended by us that you purchase OD, Coyote or Tan(select "grey" in options box) or a pattern like multicam. It's more important with larger pieces of gear like PACKS, PLATE CARRIERS, CLOTHING, ETC. than it is with smaller pieces of gear like pouches. 25+ years of training in the woods has showed me that solid black pieces of gear tend to STAND OUT dramatically in the field. Because of our feelings on this, we don't typically stock gear in black unless an item is only available in black. Therefore if we can't talk you out of purchasing the item in black, understand that black items may not be in stock.  

EXO Plate carrier- Large/XL
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