Kitchen Tech Electric Grain Mill

The Kitchen Mill™ is made of the highest quality materials. The heart of the mill is a patented, stainless steel milling chamber. The mill is the most advanced way to mill grain. It has all the advantages of the old stone mills but none of their problems. There's no gumming, jamming or glazing. It will not overheat.

  • Each mill uses a 1.8 peak horsepower, 120 volt motor
  • Dimensions: 8.5" wide x 11.5" tall x 10" deep.
  • Actual weight: 7 lbs.

It is permanently lubricated and will provide years of trouble-free service.

100% of nature's goodness - whole grains are more nutritious than refined grains. Natural kernels of whole wheat, for example, contain 16 minerals, 10 essential vitamins, and at least 4 other vitamin factors generally found in bran and wheat germ. White flour, however, is refined from the endosperm and consists mostly of starch and a small amount of protein. It contains very little vitamins or minerals. Nutrition experts have joined in praise of the Kitchen Mill™ as a way to use 100% of nature's goodness to improve your health and nutrition.

Discover the great taste of freshly milled grains. Try milling different kinds of grains like whole wheat, rye, oats, rice, buckwheat, millet, corn, soybeans, barley, triticale and others. You will be delighted with the results.

Why do we carry ELECTRIC MILLS? Because many survivalists have ALTERNATE ENERGY systems as we do and an electric mill is a great TIME AND LABOR SAVER! Also, if you want to have a mill for day-to-day (non-SHTF) use, this is the quickest, easiest mill you'll find. We love ours.

Kitchen Tech Electric Grain Mill
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