Lead Times and Shipping Costs for Food Items


CURRENTLY, lead time for factory fresh food is just a couple days to a week or so. We have begun offering "by the case" offerings of #10 cans where SHIPPING IS INCLUDED in the price of the case. Why don't we call it free shipping as others do? 'Cause that's a marketing gimmick. There is no free shipping: shipping costs are simply built into the price of a product. So we call these deals what they really are: shipping includedin the price. NOT ALL food products are shipping included; be sure to read the item description and if in doubt, ASK, don't assume. If it does not SPECIFICALLY STATE "shipping included" than it is still plus actual shipping costs from the factory. We expect towards the FALL of 2012 that lead times will go up slightly as last minute preps are made by those concerned about Dec. 21, 2012 and related predictions. As always, the best course of action is to ORDER EARLY to avoid waits...............

For folks that haven't yet noticed, there has been an ongoing "rush" towards all preparedness related products since last fall. Most notably this "rush" has been for food storage items but has also included protective gear, medical supplies and night vision. Many preparedness items are currently unavailable, getting scarce or now have lead times for their production.

Folks that have been preparing for years understand the nature of the food storage industry, it is a relatively small industry that is subject to a high amount of "ebb and flow." From 2000 till 2007 sales for the industry were largely flat, after coming off another "rush" that lasted a few years leading up to y2k. During that 7 year period many companies in the food storage industry were forced to downsize, cut plant and equipment, etc. This industry like so many others, is largely CONSUMER DRIVEN; i.e., after a period of flat sales, no company is going to be willing to keep a lot of inventory around, keep too many employees on payroll, etc. This is just smart business. Since these "rushes" are hard to forecast, it's next to impossible to be "ready" for the next big rush in this industry.

After we moved to Georgia in late 1999 we went back to having our food orders drop shipped from the factory out west. All food orders are shipped from the factory directly to you, assuring you the freshest food available. As economic conditions in the country get worse and as more and more people "wake up" and prepare, you can further expect lead times to increase. You can always EMAIL us to get the current lead times (always subject to change) for factory fresh food.

Shipping costs are ACTUAL UPS shipping charges from the factory out west to your door. As stated, numerous places on the site and on the "terms of sale" page, the online calculator will not properly calculate shipping costs. NO shipping costs are marked up! You pay actual shipping costs on all food items! Unlike other companies that say that they don't charge shipping but just ADD IN THOSE COSTS to the cost of the product, WE PLAY NO GAMES HERE! You pay actual shipping costs, nothing less, nothing more.

Understand that there is nothing that can be done about lead times on food, other than going back in time a few years and ordering then; you just have to realize they are what they are. Again, YOU ARE NOT CHARGED UNTIL YOUR ORDER SHIPS. Easiest way to "check on" your order is to see if your card was charged - when your card is charged your order is on its way to you!

We have been warning people for several years to get what they needed, unfortunately it's human nature for most people to wait till "the last minute" to order things like this. We ARE still shipping orders - compared to a lot of companies that have STOPPED shipping orders!- but lead times HAVE went up and will continue to go up. We also expect a PRICE INCREASE from the factory in early August. As with everything in life, "better late than never" - you just have to understand that waiting to get it done means further waiting for product and the possibility of items being unavailable.

If you have any questions please EMAIL or call 912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480

We started warning people fall of 2010 that lead times would begin to go up again as we got further into this economic mess and as it got closer to 2012. Lead times HAVE gone up and WILL likely continue to go up the further we go into 2011. Unlike most of the companies out there now, we have been through this before during 1998 and 1999. We will do everything we can but it's important to ORDER EARLY. The sooner you order, the less time you will have to wait for factory fresh food. It's really that simple. Do it now.

Lead Times and Shipping Costs for Food Items
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