Multicam Combat Uniform PANTS LARGE LONG



WE ARE DOWN TO: Just six sets as of 12/22  This is it, there will be no more. Catch this giveaway price now before they are gone!



New with tags. Brand new military issue PANTS not chinesium rothco copies!!!



$20. shipping per PANTS priority mail will be added to order, up to (4) PANTS can be fit in one Large Flat rate box.


Here is a CUSTOMER'S description of these sets which is way better than what I wrote above-


Technically these are Scorpion W2 (newer version) vice Multicam, but with the exception of being just a bit more green leaning in color they are essentially the same.

This he coat has a zippered shoulder pocket with loop material attached with a separate strip of loop just above it with selectable IR glint square both Left and right. Two slant chest pockets with hook and loop closure.

Coat has a twoway zipper with hook and loop attachment points vice buttons.

The sleeve cuffs are button adjustable and the Left cuff has a square ribbon attached which signifies its a FRACU OCP vice ACU OCP. the Left forearm sleeve has two slots for pens. The upper back shoulder area is bellowed left and right for increased mobility.

The pants have two front slash pockets, two rear button flap pockets, two large button flap cargo pockets (left flap has square ribbon attached depicting FRACU OCP vice ACU OCP) , and two button calf pockets. A button fly with no draw string or adjustment tabs. Cuffs are equipped with blousing ribbons.

So FRACU OCP stands for Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniform Operational Camouflage Pattern.

As best I can tell these are the latest version available, though that is difficult since every Time you turn around the Army seems to change something.

These are 65% FR Rayon/25% Para-Aramid/10% Nylon.

Beside being flame resistant self extinguishing they are also treated with Permethrin insect shield.

Make sure you check the pockets as both the pants/coat came with the Source One Tactical self adhesion OCP sealed patches, these are for field expedient repairs.

They still had tags.

Jrh enterprises is always a great company to deal with and due to sharing the regional postal hub I received my order the next day after ordering.

Can’t beat that.

These are an excellent deal at this price.

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Multicam Combat Uniform PANTS LARGE LONG
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