Night Vision training- Midnight Rendezvous #2 Nov 13, 2021

Midnight Rendezvous  2.0  
November 13th 2021 Alma, GA at the SETG Range



At Midnight Rendezvous#3  the main focus is on fieldcraft. In Midnight Rendezvous #2 we will devote more time to one of the other "f"s in the equation- Firing. We highly recommend you attend these in progression- MR 1.0 then 2.0 etc. to get the most out of the progression.


We start at noon  so we can devote a little time to tuning up rifle handling skills. This way everything we do at night firing under NODS will already have been practiced during daylight hours as well- further reinforcing these skills in both daylight and under NODS.

These topics will include but are not limited to:

*Longer distance shooting both during daylight and nighttime phase

*Working angles

*Barricade work

*Slicing the pie

*Transition to pistol

*Module on pistol work day and night

*More movement options

*Transfers and "off hand" shooting

*Positional changes, vertical displacement

After it gets dark we will break out the Night vision and continue the training. The training will continue on the square range and longer distances.  Culminating in a two man team "spot and shoot" exercise simulating the defense of a position involving detecting and engaging hidden targets with Night Vision at LONGER distances.


If you don't have night vision equipment-  we will have Night Vision devices there as well as rifles equipped with IR lasers that must be reserved ahead of time-use the drop down menu to reserve a PVS14, helmet and mount. Loaner rifles with IR lasers are available also but student must purchase ammo.

Information on what to bring, etc. will be emailed to all registered.

Great class for everyone from beginners to seasoned users. No previous training necessary- come and learn to run your carbine day AND NIGHT!  While we would like to see you attend Midnight Rendezvous #1 first to get the most out of the progression, it is not required.

Early bird registration discounts as follows:
Register by April 1st- $150.00

Class size is limited to 12 people and this event always fills up fast!




Night Vision training- Midnight Rendezvous #2 Nov 13, 2021
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