November 2-3 2019 "Armed Movement" class, SETG range, Alma, GA


November 2-3 "Armed Movement"- This two day class focuses on both controlled and dynamic movement utilizing a pistol in a fight as well as working on one handed shooting to help with dynamic movement. Includes a section on movement and fighting on the ground as well.

Limited to TEN participants so as to maximize instruction and range time for all. Optional "Pistol skills tune up" day on Friday- highly recommended if you haven't had any previous pistol training or if it's been a while.


Register before Sep 1st at just $200. for both days

After Sept 1st $250.00  for both days

Add the optional Friday "Pistol Skills Tune up" for just $50.00

email for more info


Directions to range, class specific equipment list, etc. will be emailed to all registrants.

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