Nox Thermal Monocular and thermal weapon sight 18 and 35mm

5/22/23-  Nox 35mm units back IN STOCK with no 4 month wait! Act quick!

CALL to order 912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480


NOX Thermal Monocular 18mm unit and 35mm unit (use drop down OPTIONS menu to order the 35mm)


NOX Thermal Monocular is the latest addition to the N-Vision Optics thermal product line. Built into a compact and rugged package, this all-in-one unit will be your new favorite thermal.


In addition to being a handheld scanner, NOX can be used as a weapon sight with adjustable reticles and can be head/helmet mountable with user-configurable left/right eye operation. NOX features state of the art 12 micron 640 x 480 BAE thermal core with 60 Hz refresh rate, delivering the same image clarity as our HALO Thermal Scopes.


Each unit will ship with:


18650 adapter

USB Cable

Video Cable

CR123 battery (1)

18650 battery (1)

18650 battery charger

Quick reference guide

Field pouch


Sensor Pixel Pitch            


12 um



640 x 480

Refresh Rate     


60 Hz



18mm F1.0 and 35mm F1.1



Manual, non-rotating

Field of View     


18mm: 24.3(H) x 18.3(V); 30.4 (diagonal)

35mm: 12.2(H) x 9.3(V); 15.1 (diagonal)

Digital Zoom      



Display Type      


OLED 640×480 B&W



One CR123 or one 18650

Remote power


USB 5.0V

External connector         


Waterproof USB-C

Calibration (NUC)             Manual


 This is for the 18mm lens model which retails at $6195. Use the OPTIONS menu to change to the 35mm Lens model- just put a "1" in the required text field on the OPTIONS menu. Or call to order 912.375.1480

Nox Thermal Monocular and thermal weapon sight 18 and 35mm
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