Tactical gear REPAIR KIT

REPAIR KIT for tactical gear!


What happens if it's 2 years into the SHTF and a piece of your tactical gear BREAKS?? Or what if you want to repair or modify tactical gear now?


BE PREPARED with a repair kit for tactical gear that contains:


*At least 5 yards of Mil spec webbing

*At least 5 yards of Mil spec Velcro- that means 5 yards of loop and 5 yards of hook

*An assortment of sizes, colors and types of Mil spec BUCKLES.

We pack a Medium Flat Rate Priority mail box full of these items and EACH BOX WILL BE DIFFERENT.

IMPORTANT NOTE- Each and every box will be DIFFERENT and contain slightly different items. Use the pic as a general guide, but once again, EVERY single box will be slightly different. When you consider that the mil spec velcro alone usually costs $3. per foot per side, the VELCRO ALONE IN THIS PACKAGE IS WORTH $30!!!

As survivalists and preppers, we stock long term logistics for firearms, chainsaws, vehicles, etc. Don't overlook stocking logistics for your FIGHTING gear long term. Imagine how good of a BARTER ITEM these items would be in the PAW!!!


Tactical gear REPAIR KIT
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